Who we are
We create educative, cultural and commercial projects using multimedia technologies.

We work with museums, exhibitions, real-estate developers and brands.

Our team is engaged in creative conception, content development, technical production and event management.

Marketing strategy
We deliver innovative solutions to attract visitors and create new promotion channels and tools
Many years of experience in the advertising industry allows us to create not only interesting events, but also to work out a comprehensive communication strategy, using effective solutions and innovative tools. We involve leading local and international brands (product placement and much more), engage opinion leaders and create newsbreaks.
Creative concepts
We develop the curatorial concept and venue design
Our team has diverse expertise, which allows us to look at each project from different perspectives and to think not only about the implementation of business objectives, but also about the consumer experience. We strive to inspire the audience giving them a new unforgettable immersive experience.
Content production
We produce multimedia content, bringing creative concept to life
Based on the concept, we create 2D and 3D motion-graphics of any complexity. We use the latest multimedia technologies to work with content: projection screens, multi-touch tables, virtual reality, augmented reality, digital timelines, infographics, stands and so on.
Technical production
We select the right technologies and prepare the equipment for operation
We track trends in new multimedia technologies and choose the optimal solutions for the project. We provide the supply or rent of equipment, its installation, configuration and commissioning.
Event hosting
We provide daily operation of the venue
Our team is ready to undertake a full range of maintenance, event marketing and operational management of the venue on a daily basis.
selected projects
Our strongest skill - technical production for events.

Norsken creates technical setups and deliver multimedia equipment for partners and friends.
Studio for streaming series Asmodeus.

Pentagon room with a width of 5 meters, which was used for shooting TV series.

The walls of the room are filled with projection, which created a dynamic design for the show.

On the ceiling is placed studio light to illuminate the artists during filming.

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The immersive performance Black Russian.

Two-storey mansion with 13 rooms where the audience watched the play based on the novel by Alexander Pushkin for 9 months.

The main halls were filled with complex technical solutions-panoramic projection, live broadcast and lighting equipment.

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Alice in Wonderland.

Permanent multi-room interactive installation for children.

The installation is located in the Central shopping center of Moscow to this day. Visitors enter the world of Alice, which is located in 11 independent rooms with a single plot.

Each room has a technical solution with connection of projection and interactive sensors.

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Michelangelo. The Creation.

Multimedia exhibition of works by Michelangelo.

Dark room with a large number of projection images on different surfaces and music.

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Bosch. Visions Alive.

Multimedia exhibition of works by Bosch.

Dark room with a large number of projection images on different surfaces and music.

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